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14 days free trial • Easy setup • No credit card required
Communicate effectively

Exchange with your team in a single place

Stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly by bringing all of your work communication into one place.

Work more easily with everyone

Bringing all of your work communication with your team and partners into one place.

Exchange about your projects

Discuss around each project, not endless email chains and private messages.

Collaborate around tasks

Save time by seeing all the discussions, annotations, and files about each task in one place.

Notify teammates or partners

Keep your team up to date with custom notifications about public or private messages.

Organize tasks

Organize the tasks of your team and stakeholders

Schedule workers, manage to-do’s and tasks with ease. Slide, template, clone, drag, and drop schedules and tasks.

Geolocate your operations

Visualize the progress of your sites, operations, and projects on an smart map.

Invite your teams and partners

Manage the access rights of your users, partners, subcontractors, and customers easily.

Assign projects and tasks

Inform people in real-time of activities to be carried out on your projects.

Manage your tasks and calendars

Organize your team tasks by switching from list or Kanban mode to Gantt mode.

Manage documents

Centralize, edit, share reports and documents

Snap a photo and markup plans from the field or include pictures within tasks so workers and management can stay synced.

Place your tasks on a plan

Navigate between your 2D, 3D, PDF, and DWG blueprints to display the associated tasks.

Annotate your photos and plans

Draw freehand on your images and files to share your comments.

Sign your digital documents

Use time-stamped and certified signatures on all your official documents and approvals.

Export your reports

Download all your project activities in word, excel, or csv files.

Access everywhere

Access your datas on any device

Access all your data and processes from our single all-in-one platform available on all devices.

Centralize your data

Find all your projects and documents in your simplified and secure workspace.

Access your data all the time

Stay connected to your projects from your computer, tablet, and phone.


Hear what our clients say!

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how Clovis has helped thousands of projects.

Wood builder

Specialized in wood construction, I decided to equip my team of 10 employees with Clovis because we needed to save time daily, with an efficient and easy-to-use tool to monitor our work on any support. Since then, we have held a lot of time managing our projects and could not do without Clovis.

Laurent Roubinet
Atelier ArtWood

General masonry and structural work

Since we have been using Clovis in our company based in Guadeloupe, my team has been more reactive. The platform allows me to check the progress of my projects at any time. Thanks to Clovis I have noticed a significant change in the way I work, and better interactions between the different partners.

Jean-Michel Ninine

Climate engineering

It's a simple and efficient tool that allows us to follow up on sites over time in order to have a history of the work done on the client's premises, everything is traced. It's like a mini digital DOE! I couldn't go back, it's very, very useful!

Jérôme Buatois

Plumber and heating specialist

Clovis allows me to manage all my projects: from planning, through procurement, to communication with my customers. Since I've been working with it, I've been able to control the day-to-day challenges because I always have all of my work projects at my fingertips.

Vincent Perez
CEO at Etic
President of Capeb Union Occitanie

Structural engineering office

Clovis provides me with valuable daily support, logistical assistance and generates a crucial time saving which leads to a real increase in productivity. I divided my time dedicated to administration tasks by three thanks to the reports that I generate in 2 clicks when I am on the field.

Jean-Baptiste Brunet
Ellipse structure

Specialist in construction

Very nice experience for the company, Clovis is the perfect digital application to supervise our operations of project management assistance AMO and project management MOE. Today, it is an essential tool for any collaborative project.

Simon Voyer
Simon Voyer

Clovis is integrated with tools you already know and use

Microsoft Office 365

Create, add and edit your business files from within the Microsoft suite of tools.

Advanced customization

Fine-tune roles and access levels for each of your users.


Use our API to make your tools talk to each other in a few clicks.

Building Information Modeling

The transition to BIM with a shared data environment

The adoption of Building Information Modeling is slowed down by the difficulty companies have in exchanging information globally on a project. Clovis initiate the collaborative process required for BIM Level 2.

Get started — it's free
14 days free trial • Easy setup • No credit card required
Collaborate at-scale

Comment and discuss your technical documentation.

Unify data models

Centralize data to avoid information loss.


Unlimited means unlimited

adjective. If there is an unlimited quantity of something, you can have as much or as many of that thing as you want.


External guest users

We do not charge external guest users (e.g. subcontractors, partners, clients), whose visibility is limited to specific tasks and projects.


Tasks and projects

With Clovis you can create an unlimited number of tasks and projects with any levels of hierarchy you need switching from list mode to Gantt mode.


Reports & exports

Automate the process of exporting reports. Generate customized reports, including the position of tasks on the plan, photos, and annotations.


File storage

Object storage for companies of all sizes. Secure, durable, and with low latency. Store any amount of data. Retrieve it as often as you'd like.


Choose a plan

Manage your team tasks, planning, documents, and reports from your computer, tablet, and phone.

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