How MEHA Construction Bois improve the management of their projects with Clovis?

MEHA Construction Bois is a family company created in 1976. A major player in wood construction in the Ile-de-France region, MEHA has been building all types of wood constructions for over 40 years. With its in-house design office that produces 3D drawings on CAD compatible with BIM projects and several large robots, the company is always at the cutting edge of technology in its sector. They decided to equip themselves with Clovis to address some of their challenges and today they share their feedback with us. Interview with Julien Meha, Managing Director at MEHA Construction.

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The Challenge
MEHA Construction Bois sought a construction management software to address issues related to document management, collaboration, and quality control. They needed a solution to streamline communication, store project data, and facilitate collaboration with their internal design office and external partners.
The Solution
Clovis provided MEHA with a practical and collaborative tool for project management, data storage, and quality control. By centralizing exchanges, storing documents, and enabling photo sharing within the application, Clovis ensures easy access to project history and facilitates self-checks during construction. Clovis's flexibility and mobile compatibility allowed MEHA to deploy the solution effectively across their teams, improving efficiency and communication.
Thanks to Clovis, we've been able to improve the quality of our controls, save time and keep track of our projects. Clovis is a solution that I recommend, as much for the fluidity and simplicity of the application as for the human relationship with the Clovis team.
Julien Meha
Managing Director
MEHA Construction Bois

MEHA Construction Bois

Wood builder
Design and production of all traditional and industrialised wooden structures
51-200 employees
Île-de-France (FRA)

What is your job and what are the main challenges of MEHA Construction Bois?

Julien Meha, Managing Director of MEHA Construction Bois since 2008. I manage the company with my brother Sébastien Meha. Being an engineer, I am in charge of technical supervision and construction management.

At MEHA, we design, manufacture, and implement all types of wood construction - framework, frame, roofing, cladding... Today we have a little over 50 employees and have achieved 12.3 million turnover in 2021.

The main challenge in our business is to be able to follow all the steps of a project while keeping the history of the activities carried out, as part of a constant process of continuous improvement.

What were the issues that motivated you to look for a construction management software?

As a builder, we have many documents to process and store for each project. In the past, we used a multitude of communication channels where we exchanged documents, plans and photos.

Sometimes it was very complicated to find a document related to an old project and thus constitute its complete history.

So we started looking for a solution to store data and documents in the cloud that would allow us to keep the complete history of a project.

Then, while talking with our construction supervisors, we realized that it would be very convenient to have a collaborative work management and project management solution in order to exchange with our internal design office in a simple way, to manage tasks and to perform a quality control. We also use this tool for some design projects by inviting our subcontractors and prime contractors.

Why did you choose Clovis?

Two years ago, when we decided to invest in a project management tool, I audited many solutions that could potentially meet our needs. At the time, Clovis was a very young solution but that was not a problem for us.

We chose Clovis because the team was always attentive and open to possible evolutions and developments concerning our other needs. And this is what made the difference.

Another point that was important was the fact that Clovis App works on mobile as well as on the computer - this allows comfortable use in the field but also in the office.

How do you use Clovis App on a daily basis?

We use Clovis as a collaborative tool for project management, data storage and quality control.

The tool is practical because we can centralize our exchanges, store documents and share photos directly in the application, which allows us to find a complete history of each project at any time.

Moreover, a management of tasks and sub-tasks with photos and location on a plan allows us to easily provide self-checks during the construction phase.

How did you deploy Clovis to your teams?

We implemented Clovis in a few steps:

First, we set up a standard project folder with a well-defined document tree.

Inside, we created different folders - for the architects, for our design office, a folder for quality control, another for administrative documents and the budget, another folder for monitoring information on standards and relevant technical specifications, allowing the work managers to exchange information during meetings with the various parties involved...

Then, we put online and classified our pre-existing files for a complete history of the projects.

Next, we set up a color code for the different stages of each project - conception, construction, accepted, archived... This allows us to see the progress of all projects from the Clovis homepage.

And finally, we have set up a job tracking system and started creating tasks and sub-tasks for quality control.

Geolocation of projects in Clovis App, using color code to identify the stage of each project. - Image MEHA Construction Bois

Who are the Clovis App users at MEHA Construction Bois?

We have 15 people using Clovis. The profiles of the users within our teams are quite diverse: construction foremen, engineers from our design office, executives, production managers…

We have also had the opportunity to invite external participants to our project, such as the DREAM architectural firm, which is also a Clovis customer.

What are the results you have obtained with Clovis?

Thanks to Clovis, we've been able to improve the quality of our controls and save time on mobility - we no longer need paper files and can now easily access the data, whether we're in the office or on the construction site.

Clovis is a solution that I recommend, as much for the fluidity and simplicity of the application as for the human relationship with the Clovis team.

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