Le Point - Clovis revolutionizes the digital transition

Alice Lacroix
Le Point - Clovis revolutionizes the digital transition

What issues did you intend to tackle by creating Clovis?

By creating Clovis, we wanted to accelerate the digital transition of the construction industry in France, in Europe and around the world. This industry is among the least digitalized, so we need to help it make the transition.

How does Clovis contribute to the digital transition of the construction industry?

The application is designed for all types of companies in the construction industry (construction companies, project managers and architects, project owners). Clovis allows you to digitize and automate a number of tasks at every stage of a project.

All business needs are covered, our customers can therefore manage 100% of their projects in the application.

Thanks to Clovis, the traditional paper file, with all its flaws (loss of certain elements, etc.) is being replaced.

Does this also mean that Clovis is eco-friendly?

Exactly. Clovis makes it possible to digitize files, which significantly reduces the use of paper on a daily basis. In addition, Clovis reduces the number of trips between the office and the worksite, thus helping to reduce carbon footprint.

In summary, the brand image of user companies is strengthened because Clovis combines professionalism and modernity.

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Le Point - Clovis revolutionizes the digital transition
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