Hors Site - Digital technology to modernize the construction industry

Alice Lacroix
Hors Site - Digital technology to modernize the construction industry

Digital, a key skill for all off-site construction/renovation professionals?

If we had to translate the building and public works sector into a culinary allegory, it would undoubtedly be a millefeuille. Several layers, which are superimposed in a fragile balance, for a rendering, certainly, superb, but slightly "heavy". This is precisely where digital engineering comes in. The objective? To lighten, facilitate and perfect.

More fluidity, less paperwork and more links

It is precisely these obstacles (silo approach, complex tools) that led Charles Guilhem and his associates to imagine the Clovis platform, whose very rapid growth (+20% growth from one month to the next), proves the strong craze for digitalization. The main objective of the software?

To accelerate the digital transition for all building actors thanks to a simple, ergonomic and intuitive solution, accessible to all.
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