How Etic improves the relationship with their customers thanks to Clovis?

Etic is a company specialized in heating and plumbing, certified RGE (French eco-label for artisans respectful of the environment). Its teams carry out the maintenance as well as the installation of boilers, water heaters, heat pumps, stoves and air-conditioning in the Ariège area, in France. In order to respond to their business problems, they equipped themselves with Clovis more than two years ago. Vincent Perez, manager of the company and president of the Capeb Ariège and Occitanie, shares his experience with us.

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+200projects created

+50external stakeholders

The Challenge
Etic needed to efficiently manage project documentation, supplier orders, and customer relations for multiple heating and plumbing projects.
The Solution
Clovis streamlined document storage, centralized plans, facilitated Gantt scheduling for material planning, and enhanced customer communication through secure messaging, improving project management and client satisfaction.
Clovis allows me to manage all my projects: from planning, through procurement, to communication with my customers. Since I've been working with it, I've been able to control the day-to-day challenges because I always have all of my work projects at my fingertips.
Vincent Perez
CEO at Etic
President of Capeb Union Occitanie

President of Capeb Union Occitanie

Plumber and heating specialist
Installation of heating and air-conditioning equipment
1-10 employees
Occitanie (FRA)

What is your business, what are the main challenges for Etic?

We are a heating and plumbing company. I am a heating and plumbing craftsman myself. At the beginning I was only doing heating repairs, then I also started started to do installation and plumbing. Today, I am the head of Etic and I work on various projects with my five employees.

At Etic, we work on several projects at the same time, sometimes more than 50 per quarter. Given the number of projects we handle, our main challenges are documentation management, supplier order management and customer relations.

What issues did you identify before choosing Clovis?

First, I needed to store all my documents related to each job (quotes, invoices, reports) and centralize all my plans. It's important to be able to view the plans from the job site to know where we are at.

Secondly, I was looking for a tool that would allow me to set up a schedule in Gantt format. Indeed, I wanted to have a better visibility on the planning of materials over the year in order to avoid overstocking and supply problems.

A third issue was customer relations. It is essential to be able to exchange with customers easily and to allow them to follow the construction site at any time.

How did you deploy Clovis?

First of all, I created the files and imported the documents related to each project into the application. Everything was done in a few clicks! Thanks to Clovis' cloud storage, I can access all the documents wherever I am, in the office, on the job site or in between.

Then, I set up the materials schedule using the Gantt view that is available on Clovis App. This is a very useful feature because thanks to this schedule we know when we will need to order materials and thus we avoid overstocking. Moreover, the schedule is extremely easy to modify thanks to drag and drop feature.

And finally, I deployed the customer chat. Clovis App's secure messaging allows me to exchange with customers easily - we exchange photos, we discuss, we keep track of the work together.

What results have you achieved with Clovis?

Thanks to Clovis, the relationship with our customers has improved and become simpler. By providing our clients with a management tool that they can interact with, we improve our brand image and this helps us sign new projects and win new clients.

Clovis also makes my day-to-day work much smoother. When I'm on the job site, I can access the documents easily and it saves me time.

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