How Ecobat facilitate the tracking of its energy renovation projects with Clovis?

Ecobat is a company that has specialized in the energy renovation of houses, mainly for private individuals, for over 30 years. With more than 50 employees, Ecobat has become one of the leaders in energy renovation in its geographical area, relying on a local service. We met Pietro Ruggieri, manager of Écobat, to get his feedback.

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+10internal users

+400projects created

+200external stakeholders

The Challenge
Ecobat faces the complexity of implementing energy renovation projects seamlessly, aiming to eliminate intermediaries and enhance client experience. Responding to high demand while maximizing value for clients poses organizational and responsiveness challenges.
The Solution
Clovis addresses Ecobat's need for improved efficiency and productivity by centralizing technical and administrative processes. It streamlines project management, enhances collaboration, and ensures real-time access to accurate information, facilitating smoother workflows and better customer service.
The time saved on administrative tasks in the office and on the ground is considerable. Now we go to Clovis, from tablets and laptops to capture everything in real-time. The end customers find it very professional. I am convinced that Clovis has brought innovation and dynamism.
Pietro Ruggieri


Energy Renovation
Installation of heating and air-conditioning equipment
11-50 employees
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (FRA)

What is your role and what are the particularities of your job at Ecobat?

Pietro Ruggieri, manager at Ecobat, I am the pilot of the aircraft. My role is to set up the processes and ensure that the different teams implement them.

At Écobat, we have more than 50 employees, we carry out around 400 energy renovation projects per year, and we have 4 RGE certifications which allow us to be recognized as an environmental guarantor.

In concrete terms, our customers have energy renovation needs but do not know what they can do and how they can benefit from the best prices.

Our role is to explain to them what they can do at home: first, we conduct an energy study of the home, and our particularity is that we explain the aid to which they may be entitled.

Then we help them to finance their project through interest-free loans, among other things, because we also have an ORIAS number that allows us to act as a banking intermediary.

What are the main challenges in your business?

The initial statement is that on an energy renovation project, it is quite complex to implement everything from start to end. To achieve this, our solution is to avoid intermediaries.

So, if we can bring a global solution to our client, that's perfect. That way, he only has one contact person!

Our main challenges are responsiveness and organization. We are in heavy demand.To answer the large volume of requests, we have to facilitate and accelerate our technical processes to select the projects on which we can generate maximum value, for us, but more importantly for our clients.

What prompted you to look for a solution like Clovis?

We wanted to improve the efficiency and productivity of our team members by enabling them to work more fluidly and collaboratively. To do this, we needed to centralize all our technical and administrative processes in one place.

Historically, we communicated a lot orally, but we told each other things without writing them down. To overcome this, we wanted everyone to be able to access a client's project without having to "manually" exchange a folder. We wanted to define the "source of truth" to avoid transmission errors and ensure that all team members had access to the most up-to-date information.

In the same way: taking measurements and photos is very important for us. We need accurate information to quote, place orders and interact with our installation teams.

Finally, we needed to anticipate even more the maintenance operations on the different types of equipment that we install at our customers' sites. We also had to simplify and centralize information and set up a schedule for maintenance operations.

How did you used to do it before?

We used SharePoint (a tool similar to Google Drive) when we came back from technical visits. It's a general content management platform that allowed us to share and collaborate on files online.

But this was done asynchronously, in other words, when the technician returned to the office after his tour, he had to load a lot of elements and photos and then put them on the page; this represented a considerable amount of time and could be a source of omissions and therefore of errors.

How have you deployed Clovis within your teams?

1. Creation of project types and tags for products and worksites
The Clovis teams helped us to set up our account so that it perfectly reflected our operational uses.

2. Creation of a project template and document hierarchy
With the Clovis teams, we created a specific project template and our own document arborescence that could be duplicated for all our projects.

3. Creation of client projects by the office teams
From there, my teams used the project model on our real clients to get to grips with the tool and further refine the template.

4.Operational training for the field teams
Finally, we trained our employees to use the Clovis application on the computer and especially on their mobile to allow them to update the projects with data directly from the field.

What is your typology of users?

At the moment, there are about 15 of us who use Clovis on a daily basis. In addition to the management team, the technical director and his assistant, as well as my administrative assistant, use Clovis every day in the office.

Then we have the project managers, who use the application on the road and send us all the information from the field in real time.

Regarding the installation teams, they will start their training soon to inform us of the progress of a project and interact with us if necessary.

What do you consider to be the strong points of Clovis?

To transmit information in real-time and to have tracking of all the customers, it goes much faster. For example, our assistants no longer have to chase down documents from technical visits to find out how they happened. Now, they have to click on the client's project to access all the information.

The time saved on administrative tasks in the office and on the ground is considerable. With SharePoint, for example, you should use a computer on a computer, you can't always have it on site to take measurements and photos.

Now we go to Clovis, from tablets and laptops to capture everything in real-time. The end customers find it very professional. I am convinced that Clovis has brought innovation and dynamism.

Regarding the automatic maintenance reminders, we now know which projects we have worked on, and we indicate in the calendar the dates of our next visits. We also keep a copy of the guarantees and other documents related to the equipment we have sold.

We also realize that having a digital archive of all our projects allows us to easily honor our commitments related to certifications. When we need to provide the before and after documents for a project, we can do it with a few clicks.

More generally, now that everything is centralized, in the future, we will know exactly who did what and when. If I have to think about a handover or a transfer, it is much easier to access the history, and this creates considerable added value.

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