How did CME make a successful digital transition with Clovis?

CME, led by Nicolas Parmentier and his partner - specializes in metal construction as well as general and photovoltaic electricity - has recently taken this step by partnering with Clovis to modernize its processes. This case study highlights CME's transformation journey, demonstrating the positive impact of this collaboration on its business.

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2local offices

+10internal users

+50projects per year

The Challenge
CME faced significant challenges in digitalizing its operational processes, particularly in tracking construction sites and facilitating communication between field teams and headquarters. This led to inefficiencies in managing ongoing projects and hindered effective document management.
The Solution
Clovis addressed these issues by offering a robust digital platform with a user-friendly interface and smart features like tags and filters. This facilitated swift and effective implementation, enhancing schedule management, communication, and overall process visibility, leading to increased productivity.
The collaboration with Clovis has been a turning point for CME, enabling not only the modernization of the processes but also enhancing the project management and internal communication.
Nicolas Parmentier


Speciality contractor
General electricity & photovoltaics
11-50 employees
Occitanie (FRA)

What is your role and the particularities of your job at CME ?

Based in the south of France, with offices in Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse, CME stands out for its ability to operate beyond its regional borders, including overseas and internationally.

The company is distinguished by a comprehensive offering that includes studies, installations, and maintenance in its areas of expertise.

What are the main challenges of your activity?

Before integrating Clovis, CME faced significant challenges related to the digitalization of its processes, particularly in terms of site monitoring and communication with field teams.

The need for a simple, efficient, and ergonomic solution was evident to allow for better visibility of ongoing operations and to ensure effective document management.

What motivated you to look for a solution like Clovis?

The search for a more suitable solution than the previously used tools led CME to Clovis.

The selection criteria were clear:

  • User-friendly interface for desktop and mobile application
  • Quick implementation and interactive guidance
  • Features allowing smooth management of schedules
  • Traceability of actions for simplified communication.

Clovis stood out for its ability to meet these requirements, notably through its smart tags and filters.

How did you deploy Clovis within your teams?

The integration of Clovis was remarkably quick and effective, requiring little adaptation from the users thanks to pre-designed templates and immediate usability.

The entire team, consisting of 3 administrators and 4 team leaders, quickly adopted the tool, noting an ease of use that was rated 9 out of 10 for its simplicity of implementation.

What are the main impacts and benefits provided by Clovis?

Since adopting Clovis, CME has observed significant improvements on several fronts:

  • Time Savings and Organization: The digitization of processes has allowed for better organization and a notable reduction in travel.
  • Increased Productivity: Easy access to information and improved communication have led to a productivity increase.
  • Team Satisfaction: The empowerment and use of a mobile interface have been particularly appreciated, valuing the work of field teams.
  • Improved Client Relationships: Sending detailed reports to clients has strengthened CME's image of seriousness and professionalism.

What do you think are the strengths of Clovis?

The collaboration with Clovis has been a turning point for CME, enabling not only the modernization of the processes but also enhancing the project management and internal communication.

This partnership has provided a clear and detailed view of the activity, essential for quality control and customer satisfaction.

By choosing Clovis, CME has not only met its immediate needs but also equipped itself for future challenges, affirming the importance of digital transformation in the construction and electricity sectors.

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