How C.C.E.R Saintois manage its HVAC business with Clovis?

C.C.E.R Saintois is a company that has been specializing in the installation of heating and air conditioning equipment for almost 20 years. With more than 10 employees specializing in HVAC, C.C.E.R Saintois is expanding rapidly and has recruited a business coordinator in charge of deploying Clovis in order to streamline processes. This is to ensure healthy growth, both from an economic and, above all, from an operational point of view. We talk to Sébastien Baillot, Clovis administrator at C.C.E.R Saintois.

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+15internal users

+150projects created

+25external stakeholders

The Challenge
C.C.E.R Saintois faces challenges in managing diverse HVAC projects and maintaining real-time, efficient access to client files, schedules, and communication during emergencies, while also digitizing client interactions.
The Solution
Clovis helps C.C.E.R Saintois by centralizing information, simplifying document management, and facilitating communication between teams and clients, leading to better organization and response to emergencies.
The significant advantage of Clovis is its ability to centralize all the information and manage the levels of visibility with the necessary grain. We gain serenity in all aspects of management.
Sébastien Baillot
C.C.E.R Saintois

C.C.E.R Saintois

Speciality contractor
Installation of heating and air-conditioning equipment
11-50 employees
Grand Est (FRA)

What is your role and the particularities of your job at C.C.E.R Saintois?

Sébastien Baillot, activity coordinator at C.C.E.R Saintois, former manager for HVAC training at Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France, I am in charge of rationalizing the company's internal processes.

C.C.E.R Saintois manages HVAC projects for a diverse clientele, including direct clients, private clients, as well as "out of the ordinary" clients with very specific needs in their industries.

The company also has a large maintenance and servicing business related to the equipment we install.

What are the main challenges of your activity?

The main challenges are to enable each employee to :

  • Easy access to client files at any time
  • To adjust schedules in real-time according to emergencies
  • Interact on plans with other professions
  • Access photos and upload new ones
  • Generate reports of interventions
  • Store all the information needed for certification renewal

We also need to get customers on board with this digitization process so that they can communicate with us more easily. And finally, we need to have complete visibility of the back office for procurement, invoicing, and intermediate situations.

How did you do it before Clovis?

Before using Clovis, the company's organization was very complex and sometimes disorganized due to the multiplicity of tasks linked to the different types of intervention. The side effects of emergencies were challenging to anticipate and therefore difficult to counteract.

For example, when an emergency intervention was necessary on equipment, this could disorganize the rest of the work in progress and provoke a cascade of discontent and frustration, both internally and among customers.

What motivated you to look for a solution like Clovis?

The need to respond more quickly to emergencies without disrupting everything.

We needed to centralize information and communicate better between teams and with customers, which was the starting point for us to look for a solution.

How did you deploy Clovis within your teams?

1. Project Template Development

I have built project templates according to the type of project, which we can duplicate with a few clicks.

2. Creation of document trees

We created an organized file structure for the documents associated with each type of project, in each template concerned.

3. User training

First, we organized a communication meeting with all the teams to explain the approach and raise awareness of the strategic importance of using the tool.

As Clovis is very easy to use, everyone quickly got used to it. This was a determining factor in the adoption by the teams.

I then scheduled individual training sessions with the management and technicians to ensure that their use was in line with the procedures I had created and the application was adapted to their expectations.

What is your user typology?

At the moment, there are about 10 people using Clovis on a daily basis.

The management team and the executive assistant mainly use Clovis in the office. The technicians are almost exclusively on the road, using their tablets or phones, and myself.

I am constantly on the go between the office and the worksites, so I alternate between the computer version and the mobile application of Clovis.

Finally, our clients access their worksite as a guest with a view restricted to the files that concern them and on which they can interact.

What do you think are the strengths of Clovis?

Surprisingly, the ones who are most fond of the application are our clients, they add documents, interact with us, and are reassured that the planning and execution are anticipated and completed on time.

The significant advantage of Clovis is its ability to centralize all the information and manage the levels of visibility with the necessary grain. Clovis meets almost all of the company's needs.

We gain serenity in all management aspects, and soon we will be able to close our first exercise with Clovis to quantify very precisely (and share with you) the return on investment generated.

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