How Cologi simplifies document sharing with its customers and teams thanks to Clovis?

Alice Lacroix
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How Cologi simplifies document sharing with its customers and teams thanks to Clovis?
Since 2013, Cologi has been developing grouped housing projects in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, in France. The association offers turnkey solutions in which residents are involved from the purchase process onwards and integrated into the design of their home and common areas. Cologi has been using Clovis for three years, so we spoke with Gilles Lambert, founder of Cologi, who shares his feedback.

What is Cologi's business and what are your main challenges?

At Cologi, we create participative, intergenerational and ecological housing projects and help families to live together, for a more united world.

Our main issue is communication and transparency. The duration of a project is usually between three and five years and we need to communicate in a simple way with all stakeholders, including the inhabitants.

Indeed, we seek to involve the residents in the decisions concerning their future residence throughout the project.

What were the issues you identified before choosing Clovis?

We needed a solution to share information, meeting minutes and different types of documents (photos, plans, PDFs) with architects, project managers and residents.

As previously explained, we are building intergenerational projects. For this, we were looking for an intuitive and user-friendly application so that everyone can use it immediately and without training, including the elderly or people less familiar with online tools.

Before, we were using Google Drive but the platform was less user-friendly and for that we chose Clovis.

How did you deploy Clovis to your teams?

First, we downloaded and installed the application on our computers. Then we created a typical document tree, distinguishing between files to be shared with residents and files to be shared with project managers.

The files for the inhabitants always have the same structure: communication, works, photo, building permits, minutes of meetings etc...

The files for the project managers are more flexible. Indeed, we do not always use the same contractors and for this reason we have chosen to be flexible in our organization. We give them the freedom to create their own files and to organize their mission as they wish.

What is the typology of users within Cologi?

Internally, there are two of us who use Clovis. Then we have guest users.

On the one hand, there are the inhabitants with whom we share information. They can view documents, reports and photos.

On the other side, there are architects, project managers, interior designers, thermal engineers and craftsmen.

What do you think are the strong points of Clovis?

Clovis is really user-friendly, easy to learn and pleasant to use. We are happy to have a tool to share documents and information.

Association - Home Builder

We are very happy to have a tool to share all types of documents with architects, project managers, engineers and also with our customers, the future residents. Clovis is really user-friendly, easy to learn and fun to use.

Gilles Lambert
President of the Association

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